Nuclear Safety Research Center (NSRC)

Accident Response Analysis Research Center 

Advanced Research Center for Nuclear Excellence

Center for Containment Thermal-Hydraulics Research for Nuclear Power Plant Passive Safety

Research on the condensation and boiling heat transfer phenomena under natural circulation conditions for Passive Containment Cooling System (PCCS) performance analysis

  • Enabling a compact design of PCCS for operating nuclear power plants

  • Carrying out experimental investigations and developing computational analysis methods for PCCS  design and evaluation



2017.09. ~ 2022.08.

Project Organization

1st Project (CAU) 

A study on steam condensation phenomena at the exterior surface of a tube bundle for operating NPP containment conditions.

2nd Project (INU)

Research on the boiling-assisted flow under natural convection conditions in a tube bundle geometry.

3rd Project (KAERI)

Computational model development to analyze containment thermal-hydraulic phenomena under natural convection conditions.

Major Research Items

  • Passive cooling system to mitigate containment over-pressurization during severe accident, utilizing natural heat transfer and fluid dynamics

  • Component of PCCS

    1. PCCX : Heat exchanger inside the containment

    2. PCCT : Heat sink outside of the containment

    3. Natural circulation loop between PCCX and PCCT