Nuclear Safety Research Center (NSRC)

Accident Response Analysis Research Center 


To contribute minimizing the nuclear power plants accident by performing research related with nuclear safety and developing technology to advance the nuclear facility safety. 

  • DBA and DCE (SA) classifications, and customisation of cause-specific analysis methodologies

  • Establishment of the advanced evaluation methodology for the plant accident management strategy under extreme circumstances

  • Development of a complementary risk assessment methodology for deterministic and probabilistic assessments


2013.07. ~ 2018.04.

Project Organization

Major Research Items

(Project 1)

Establishment of analysis technology basis for nuclear power plant accident response

  • Set-up of classification system for nuclear power plant accident

  • Development of ASP(Accident Sequence Precursor) analysis system by using PSA (Probabilistic Safety Analysis) and DSA (Deterministic Safety Analysis) methods 

(Project 2)

Evaluation of nuclear power plant accident response by applying FCVS (Filtered Containment Venting System)

  • Development of evaluating methods for FCVS operating strategy focusing on hydrogen risk inside containment, FCVS pipe and FCVS vessel, and radioactivity release to the environment

  • Finding of improvement plan for EOP (Emergency Operating Procedures)